“Giving my best . . . every day!
Acting with kindness . . all the time!”

As principal of Cascade Junior High School for the last seven years, it has been my privilege to watch hundreds of students grow and develop their amazing gifts and talents. Our ultimate goal is for students to develop academically, socially, relationally and physically so they can succeed and thrive in a high school setting. As we have been working hard at this goal, we have noticed two themes that aid students into becoming successful high-school students.

The first is effort. If you want to achieve anything, it requires effort. At CJHS, we believe that you must give excellent effort every day. It is difficult to reach your goals or potential if you don’t try, and try well. It doesn’t matter if it is learning how to solve a two-step equation in math or perfecting a pickleball serve in physical education. Quality and consistent effort is needed to accomplish both. This idea is summarized in the first part of our motto: “Giving my best … every day!”

The second theme we have observed is kindness. How we talk to and interact with others matters. We accomplish so much more when people are kind to each other. Creating safe places and schools for kids means making sure that they feel valued and appreciated. Words and acts of kindness do just that. It is easy to be kind when you are happy. But, can you be kind when you are sad, frustrated, upset, or even angry? We believe so! Using kindness in difficult times helps us cut to the root of the issue faster and makes everyone involved feel respected and cared for. At CJHS, this is the second part of our motto: “Acting with kindness . . . all the time!”

Cascade Junior High School is fast becoming an outstanding place for young adolescents to grow, learn and thrive. High test scores, small class sizes, a strong culture of respect for all, an outstanding staff, and a wide variety of programs and activities for kids are just some of the reasons we are a great school. The motto, giving our best, and acting with kindness, acts as our solid foundation which aids our students into reaching their potential and becoming the outstanding individuals they are destined to become.